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HOW TO BOOK boardgame session at room 7th

Help with boardgames Session booking

Step 1: At the top Menu, click Booking

Step 2: Browse the game packages of your favor – We have game packages for 2 pax or 3-5 pax.

Step 3: Click on the game package to view details

Step 4: On the game package details page, pick your preferred date & time for your session, then click Book Now.

Step 5: At the top part of the page, it will state that it has been added to cart. You may continue to shop. If you would like to immediately proceed with the order, go to View Cart.

Step 6: Confirm the package & the price, then Click to Proceed

Step 8: Fill up your billing details, check your order, choose payment method and finally Place Order

Step 9: For payment method, you may pick Direct Bank Transfer or Senangpay.

Here’s the difference:

Direct Bank Transfer: Place order first without payment. We will get back to you with the availability of the time session you book. If the time session is available, we will request payment from you by Duit Now/ TNG e-wallet/Grabpay.

Senangpay: Pay immediately using credit card / debit card. We will immediately secure your booking as the timeslot has been book by you together with full payment. However, if unfortunately the slot has already been pre-booked by someone else, we will refund your payment in 3 working days. 


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